Salt Damage

Lawns that are near the ocean can occasionally become flooded when ocean water washes in from a severe storm or high tides.

Sod Webworms

In New England there are several species of sod webworm that can attack the lawn, with the bluegrass webworm being the most important species.


Growing grass in the shade is a challenge for many homeowners. The lack of optimal light and competition for resources (nutrients/water) are the primary


Although entertaining, squirrels are more often considered a nuisance. Damage due to squirrels often gets mistaken for grub damage.

Summer Patch

Summer patch is caused by root pathogens that affect cool season grasses. It attacks the roots of the grass in early summer, leaving the grass weaker during the drier summer months.

Tick Control (Organic)

We all know the dangers of ticks and tick borne illnesses. Pesticide applications can help dramatically with reducing tick populations, but excessive pesticide use can also pose problems.

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