Leading Change

Step 1: Establish a sense of urgency. If it doesn’t need immediate attention, It won’t get it.

Step 2: Form a guiding coalition. Talk over the goals and plans with key individuals first. THEN roll it out to the rest of the organization.

Step 3: Create a vision. Keep it simple and easily explained.

Step 4: Communicate the vision. Don’t stop talking about it or getting the message out in every, single way.

Step 5: Empower others to act on this vision. Make sure people know they can take initiatives. But WEED OUT those people who work against the vision.

Step 6: Plan for and create short term wins. Let people celebrate the progress.

Step 7: Don’t declare victory too early! Consolidate improvements and produce more change. Move people into the right roles and positions, then begin the process of workings towards the next target goals.

Step 8: Institutionalize the new habits. Make it so that “this is the way we do things around here.”

Harvard Business Review article: “Leading Change: Why Transformation Efforts Fail”

Download PSU Slideshow PDF Here: 02-12-19 PSU Turf Club

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