2018 Summer Damage Assessment

Teed & Brown was founded in September, 1995. We are just coming out of our 23rd summer in business and honestly cannot remember one as rough as this one. 2018 is definitely going in the record books. Some seasons are worse than others for sure, but this has been as bad as it gets.

Sadly, no magic grasses exist that will completely withstand the pressures we’ve experienced this summer. HOWEVER, we do have a really great one that is much better suited to the summer heat and prolonged drought. We recently posted about Turf Type Tall Fescue. We have already been out seeding lawns with it as it can be planted in hotter weather than other types of grass can handle. Take a look at the more detailed post HERE: Turf Type Tall Fescue.

While this summer started relatively mildly, August brought sauna-like conditions that both baked the lawns in high temperatures and extreme humidity. During that time we received far more rain than we’ve ever seen in August, causing severe, surprise disease outbreaks all over Connecticut and New York. But then that subsided and we had hopes that the worst was behind us.

Luckily, it was! But while the extreme humidity subsided and the excessive water let up, we then went into a stretch of drought that has not allowed lawns to recover, even causing many to go further downhill, though for different reasons. This week looks to continue that stretch, though we’re hoping that’s the end of it.

While we hate to sound like we’re making excuses, there really are a great number of lawn problems (most actually) that cannot be addressed with applications, or with an application program. No fertilizer or pesticide can protect the lawn from extremes of heat, humidity, drought, shade, traffic, or any number of other problems. Since all these issues tend to be summer related, now’s the time of year when we expect lawns to look bad. For a simpler breakdown of this, check out our Lawn Quality Calendar.

This is precisely why we schedule seeding and aeration services for this time of year. We know that the lawn will be beat up to some degree or another. Just as we’re nearing the end of the hot weather, we pump the lawn full of top quality seed to get it looking great again as soon as possible. A shot of fertilizer greens up the existing grass. All we need is water!

So if your lawn isn’t looking good right now, we understand and are working hard to address that situation. By the end of this season, we hope you’ll look back on the year as an overall good one with a temporary rough patch. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions at all.

Thank you.


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