The Grass is Always Greener…. Or is it?

At first sight, the lawn in the picture above looks pretty decent, right? Sure, it’s a bit shaggy but it’s green and full, no significant brown areas, and there aren’t many visible weeds. We have met with quite a few people recently who were upset that their neighbor’s lawn looked better than theirs. In those instances, the neighbor’s lawns often look very much like the lawn pictured here.

But looks can be deceiving! This lawn is almost pure, 100% crabgrass. But even as lawn care professionals, we’ll concede that it doesn’t look half bad! That’s because crabgrass LOVES the heat and really goes gangbusters this time of year. But it’s the furthest thing from a healthy lawn and optimal scenario that you’ll want to see. In September, it will stark weakening significantly with the cooler nights. By Halloween, this entire lawn will be dead. The lawn in the picture below was only about 30% crabgrass, but check out what it looks like in the Fall. The lawn above will be 100% brown instead.

We do realize that the recent disease and heat issues are playing havoc with lawns and things just aren’t looking good. But now we’re turning the corner and things should start looking better soon. The crabgrass will start dying off and all those neighbors’ lawns will begin to look like a grass graveyard. The better grasses will thrive and you’ll have a great lawn again.

-Christopher Brown


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